DK13740-2RS,DK13740-2RSTNC3, TCP043-2,GHS01198,3280-ACM Bearing Used for Auto Tensioner Pulley, Engine Bearing

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DK13740-2RS、DK13740-2RSTNC3、 TCP043-2、GHS01198、3280-ACM Bearing Used for Auto Tensioner Pulley, Engine Bearing


Type: DK13740-2RS

Corresponding Type: DT-13740B 

Size: d 8.2/14 X D 37 X B38.8 X C24mm

Clearance: C3

Grease: High temperature grease

Mark: As the order's requirement

Status: Selling

Remark: Bearing item number of DYS professional plastic wheel: DK6203B14-2RS/C3 / Description: One Knuring groove, with “V” groove at inner ring/ cage:PA66/ seal: either NBR or ACM can be choosed/ grease: Chevron SRI2#、KYODO Multemp SRL or ET-K can be choosed/materail: Gcr15 tube material or forged materil.


Type: DK13740-2RS (BLUE)

Corresponding Type: DT-13740B    

Size: d 8.2/14 X D 37 X B38.8 X C24mm    

Clearance: C3 / As the order's requirement    

Grease: High temperature grease    

Mark: As the order's requirement    

Status: Selling    

Remark: :DK13740-2RS   


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