VKM36023 Used for RENAULT Auto Tensioner and Idler Pulley Bearing

VKM36023 Used for RENAULT Auto Tensioner and Idler Pulley Bearing
Product Details

VKM36023 Used for RENAULT Auto Tensioner and Idler Pulley Bearing


Type: DT-72001

Corresponding Type: VKM36023、F-123148、U340、CR3217

Size: d 11 X D 56 X Bi 21 / B 37mm(17T) (56*56*37)

Clearance: 72001A-2RS/C3

Grease: High temperature grease

Mark: As the order's requirement

Status: Selling

Remark: Auto Bearings—Tensioner&Idler Bearings----Used for RENAULT(8200136224、8200040155、7700870795、7700868201、)—Reference No.:F-122573.8、04-INA-123148、11750-00QAH、8200434732、9646495880、09789、LZ-7067、DAYCO:APV2104、FEBI BILSTEIN:09789、GATES:T36052、T39056、HUTCHINSON:T0238、INA:531074410、531085410、532020610、KAVO PARTS:DTP-6503、QUINTON HAZELL:QTA799、QTT799、RUVILLE:55630、55550、SNR:GA355.50、SPIDAN:66550—RENAULT(8201008780、8200875156、8200040155、8200136224、8200434732、7700870795、7700868201)NISSAN(11750-00Q1A、11750-00QAH、11750-00Q0L、11750-00QAS)

RENAULTCLIO1.2D7F 71009.98->

RENAULTCLIO1.2D7F 72009.98->

RENAULTCLIO1.2D7F 73001.96->09.98

RENAULTCLIO1.2 16VD4F 71206.01->

RENAULTCLIO1.2 16VD4F 71406.01->

RENAULTKANGOO1.2D7F 71003.98->

RENAULTKANGOO1.2D7F 72003.98->

RENAULTKANGOO1.2D7F 72203.98->

RENAULTKANGOO1.2 16VD4F 71206.01->

RENAULTKANGOO1.2 16VD4F 71406.01->

RENAULTTWINGO1.2D7F 70005.96->

RENAULTTWINGO1.2D7F 70105.96->

RENAULTTWINGO1.2D7F 70205.96->

RENAULTTWINGO1.2D7E 70305.96->

RENAULTTWINGO1.2D7F 70405.96->

RENAULTTWINGO1.2 16VD4F 70201.01->

RENAULTTWINGO1.2 16VD4F 70401.01->



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