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Determination method of bearing replacement

May 17, 2017

1 use of bearing working condition monitoring instrument

It is the most convenient and reliable method to judge the working state of the bearing and decide when the bearing should be repaired by using the working condition monitoring instrument such as ferrography or I-ID-1 type bearings.

For example, when using the HD-1-type instrument, when the pointer is approached by the warning area, and in the adoption of improved lubrication measures, such as the pointer is not returned, it can be identified as the bearing itself, at this time to take advantage of the danger is not yet into the bearings. How far away from the danger zone began to repair, can be adjusted by experience. The use of such instruments can make full use of the bearing work potential, timely repair of bearings, and can avoid failures, is safe and economical.

2 use of simple tools to monitor

In the case of the above-mentioned instruments, operators can hold a round rod or wrench tools such as the closest bearing machine casing, the ear shame on the tool to listen to the sound of bearings, of course, the use of medical stethoscope can also be modified.

Normal bearing sound should be uniform, smooth and non-harsh sound, but abnormal sound of the bearing in a variety of intermittent, impact or harsh sound. First of all, to be accustomed to normal bearing sound, and then can grasp the abnormal judgement of the bearing sound, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, and further can analyze what abnormal sound corresponding to what kind of bearing abnormal phenomena. There are many types of abnormal sound bearings, mainly accumulated by experience.