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Method of improving the precision of bearing actual match

In order to improve the actual matching precision of bearing installation, we must utilize the measuring method and measuring tool not to deform the bearing. The actual precision measurement of the bearing's inner and outer circle of the mating surface dimension can be measured in all the measurements of the internal diameter and the outer diameter, and the measured data is analysed comprehensively, according to which the dimensions of the bearing mounting parts of the shaft and seat holes are accurately matched. When the actual measurements of the corresponding dimensions and geometry of the shaft and seat holes are matched, they shall be carried out under the same temperature conditions as the measuring bearings.

In order to ensure that there is a higher actual coordination effect, the shaft and the seat bore to match the bearing surface, its roughness should be as small as possible. In making the above measurements, it should be on the outer circle and the inner hole of the tapered roller bearing and the corresponding surface of the shaft and seat hole. Near the side of the assembly chamfering, respectively, to show the maximum deviation direction of two sets of markers, in order to the actual assembly, so that the matching two sides of the maximum deviation in the same direction, so that after assembly, the deviation can partially offset.