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Reasons for the burn of tapered roller bearings

The so-called tapered roller bearings burn injury State is: roller bearings of tapered roller, rolling body and cage in the rotation of a sharp fever until discoloration, softening, melting and breakage. The main reason for the burn of tapered roller bearings is that the improper lubrication of the bearings may be used improperly, or the lubricant is too much or too little.

The second may be excessive load (pre-pressed), the speed is too large, the clearance is too small, water or other foreign body intrusion. If the above two conditions are not, then the shaft, bearing box is poor precision, the shaft deflection is large. So what is the solution? Firstly, we should study the lubricant and lubrication method, choose the lubricant of bearing and dosage, and correct the choice of tapered roller bearings. The study should be matched with the bearing clearance and preload, and the accuracy of the sealing device and the inspection shaft and the bearing box are improved. Recommended in the use of tapered roller bearings, to pay attention to installation, lubrication, clearance and other links to be as precise as possible, in place.