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Related knowledge of bearing installation

May 17, 2017

1. To install the bearings on the shaft, you must first unplug the bearing jacket of the fixed pin, while the shaft neck surface polished smooth and clean, and in the shaft oil anti-rust and lubrication (allowing a slight rotation of the bearings on the shaft).

2. Lubricate the bearings with the bearings, mount the bearings into the housings, and set the assembled bearings with the bearing housings on the shaft. Push to the location where you want it to be installed.

3. Fixing the bolt of the bearing seat should not be tightened first, so that the bearing jacket can be rotated within the bearing seat. Also fitted with the same shaft on the other end of the bearings and seats, the shaft rotation several laps, so that the bearing itself automatically find the position, then the bearing seat bolts fastening good.

4. Install eccentric sleeve. The eccentric condom is first on the eccentric step of the bearing sleeve, and it is tightened in the direction of rotation of the hand shaft. Then insert the small steel bar or resist the sinking hole on the eccentric sleeve. Tapping the small steel bar with the direction of rotation of the hand hammer axis. The eccentric sleeve is firmly mounted, and the internal hexagon screw on the eccentric sleeve is finally locked.