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Three recognition methods of bearing faults

May 17, 2017

1, through sound recognition

There is a wealth of experience to identify through sound. must undergo sufficient training to achieve the recognition of bearing sound and non-bearing sound. To that end, the work should be done as far as possible. The sound of the bearing can be heard clearly by the sound of a listening device or a sound stick affixed to the casing.

2, through the working temperature to identify

The method is a comparative identification method, which is confined to occasions where the operation state is not changed. For this reason, a continuous record of temperature must be performed. When a failure occurs, the temperature will not only rise, but also irregular changes. The method and sound recognition method are advisable.

3, through the state of the lubricant to identify

The lubricant sampling analysis, through its dirty degree, whether mixed with foreign body or metal powder not to judge. The method is especially effective for bearings or large bearings that cannot be observed near.