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Characteristics Of Grinding Process

1. High machining precision: grinding belongs to high speed and multi blade cutting, the cutting edge of the blade tip arc radius than the general car knife, milling cutter, planer small, can cut a thin layer of material on the workpiece surface; grinding process is the comprehensive action process of abrasive cutting, marking and sliding, and has a certain grinding and polishing effect; grinder is more precise than general machine tool, good rigidity and stability, and has a micro regulator.

2, machinable high-hard materials: grinding can be machined cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and other general structural materials, but also machinable hard-cutting high-hardness hardened steel, cemented carbide, ceramics, glass and other difficult processing materials. But for the large plastic and low hardness of nonferrous metals and their alloys, because of its debris easily blocked the grinding wheel hole and so that the grinding wheel loss cutting ability, generally unfavorable grinding, and more use of cutting tools finishing.

3, the application is more and more widespread: grinding can be machined inner circle, outer circle, plane, cone, forming surface, thread, tooth shape and so on many kinds of surfaces, but also can grind various knives.