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Popularize Bearing Knowledge For Everyone

May 17, 2017

Tapered roller bearings belong to the separated rolling bearings, the inner and outer rings of the bearings are tapered rollers. The rolling bearings are classified as single, double and four-column tapered roller bearings, such as the number of rollers. Adjusting the axial clearance of the tapered roller bearings, the adjustment nut on the shaft neck, the screw thread in the gasket and the bearing seat hole, or the method of preload springs are adjusted. The size of the axial clearance, and the arrangement of bearing installation, the distance between bearings, shaft and bearing housing materials, can be determined according to the working conditions.

For the high-load high-speed tapered roller bearings, adjusting the clearance, you must consider the effect of the temperature rise on the axial clearance, the temperature rise to reduce the amount of clearance estimated, that is, the axial clearance should be appropriately adjusted. For low rotational speed and vibration bearing, no clearance installation should be taken, or preload installation is imposed. The aim is to make the roller and raceway of tapered roller bearings have good contact, load evenly distribution, prevent the roller and raceway from being destroyed by vibration. After adjusting, the size of axial clearance is tested by micrometer.