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Production Technology Of Bearing Parts

May 17, 2017

Compared with general mechanical parts, the bearing parts are short and thin rotary surfaces, the rotary body decides the machining machine tool relatively single, most of the lathe and grinder; short and thin determine its axial stiffness, the axial deformation can be ignored, the radial stiffness is poor, processing time to intensify the method to have special consideration.

Although the parts of tapered roller bearings are simple in structure, the technical requirements are high, so there are several processing characteristics:

1, precision Machining

Bearing parts of the vast majority of the surface to undergo grinding, grinding machining dimensions and geometric accuracy in μ m units, especially the raceway and rolling body of higher precision, need ultra precise machining or grinding.

2, multi-process processing

Bearing parts are demanding, production process must be more. General bearing production needs to 20~40 road processes, more than more than 70 multi-channel.

3, Molding processing

The working surfaces of bearing parts are rotary forming surfaces, which are suitable for machining with molding process. such as the Ring raceway forging rolling and car grinding, are used in molding tool or mold plate processing.