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Related Knowledge Of Bearing Installation

1. Cleaning work before installation: bearings in the bearing housings, bearing housings and bearings between the operating space must be kept clean, otherwise the bearing rolling surface prone to scratch and point corrosion; before installing the bearing seat, it must be cleaned inside the housing.

2. Sealing test of bearing housings: Bearing housings are many double sealed bearing housings, sealing performance is very critical, so the sealing ring must be installed compact, no seal gaps, otherwise prone to early bearing damage. Insert half of the double lip seal into the sealing groove on both sides of the pedestal. The space between the seal two lips fills the grease. If the housings are used for shaft ends, insert end caps on one side instead of seals.

3. Mounting holes and their fixing stations: the mounting holes are standard before mounting, whether the installation holes correspond to the fixing holes, whether the fixed degree of the mounting housing is standard, and the above data will be tested before installing.

4. Inspect the surface roughness of the support surface. If the bearing is mounted on the fastening sleeve, the orientation of the bearing seat is determined. The nozzle position of the top cover of the housing should always be on the other side of the fastening sleeve nut. You must pay attention to the direction of the entire bearing seat, because the top cover and the base shall be mounted in the original direction. Determine the direction of the bearing seat on the supporting surface. Mount the anchor Bolt but don't tighten it.